Buffalo Manufacturing Celebrates
Semi-Centennial Anniversary

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Buffalo Manufacturing Celebrates Semi-Centennial Anniversary

For family-owned businesses, longevity can often be the enemy. Add in an ever-changing industry, and you’d think the future would be grim. As a little bit of luck – and a whole lot of hard work – would have it, this Buffalo-based business has withstood the test of time.

Buffalo Manufacturing is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the semi-centennial is well deserved for this blue collar business. While Buffalo’s recent “renaissance” boasts a stray from its rust belt history, Buffalo Manufacturing has stayed true to their founder’s roots. But it hasn’t come without compromise. Currently in the second generation of family ownership, Buffalo Manufacturing has learned to roll with the punches and perfect their niche to maintain success.

Founded in 1968 as “Hacker VacuBlast,” Buffalo Manufacturing has witnessed and weathered several industry changes. Today, they specialize in metal finishing and plastic injection molding products. They have worked with a multitude of local manufacturers as well as giants such as Goodyear, Gillette, and Apple.

CEO Jeff Georger and President Brian Georger each began working at Buffalo Manufacturing early in their careers and, as a result, have played direct roles in the growth of the company. As the business celebrates 50 years, Jeff credits the company’s ability to problem solve in order to meet their clients’ needs:

“Nobody knows what they need, they just know they have a problem, and that’s where we’ve always been able to come in.”

But the ability to adapt with the times is also a major factor in Buffalo Manufacturing celebrating this 50 year achievement. When the industry started to see a shift from manufactured metals to plastic injection molding products, Buffalo Manufacturing jumped head-first to face the headwinds of change.

“We have the ability to move in many directions, and sometimes that’s not always good for companies; but in our business, it allows us to be what you might call ‘full service.’”, explains Jeff.

This ability to offer both metal and plastic products for customers helped in giving Buffalo Manufacturing an edge on the competition.

“We can offer the customer not only a plastic part, but we can offer them the machining that would have to go into that part – start to finish.”

The confidence and experience to adapt to modern technology and willingness to look to the future gives Buffalo Manufacturing confidence that it will withstand another 50+ years in business.

“We’re selling the knowledge along with the service,” adds Brian.

And in a world where technology is king and customer service is seemingly dying, the back-to-basics approach at Buffalo Manufacturing is a breath of fresh air.

To learn more about the history of Buffalo Manufacturing, visit www.buffalomanufacturing/50-years.

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