Industrial Cleaning and Finishing Experts

We offer a wide range of abrasive blasting, mass finishing and parts cleaning alternatives for every application.

Abrasive blasting is used to descale, shot peen, etch, de-flash, deburr, clean, and finish parts and products.

Buffalo Manufacturing is an authorized distributor of Empire Abrasive abrasive blasting equipment, parts and systems. Empire has been designing and manufacturing abrasive blasting equipment for over 50 years. Today, Empire manufactures the most extensive lines of blasting finishing products in the country.


Empire manufactures a full line of portable blasters, ranging from “do-it-yourself” suction blasters up to the SuperBlast® pressure machines, designed to strip structures and large work pieces at high removal rates. The SuperBlast equipment offers a variety of control systems, as well as recovery options for both abrasive and plastic media.


Blast Rooms

Floor options include vibratory and screw-type, partial and full, with media-wash and recovery systems. You can create your own room around an Empire air-blast system or we can create a room to your specifications.

blast rooms

Blast Room2

Blast Cabinets

The standard line of Pro-Finish® cabinets offer many factory options, enabling users to meet production objectives without the costs of custom engineering. They also produce Econo-Finish® cabinets, designed for lighter service. To strip and clean workpieces with delicate substrates, Empire builds FaStrip® cabinets – in addition to portable units – tailored to handle plastic media.

Blast Cabinet

Modified Cabinets

Empire offers hundreds of modified cabinets to satisfy specialized surface-treatment assignments. Blast-gun oscillation, part movement, programmable controls: all done at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a fully automated air-blast system.


Automated Systems

Capabilities range in sophistication from continuous and indexing turntable machines – with satellite work stations – to in-line units. All can be computer controlled to the degree your process requires. Customers report productivity gains of between 100 and 700 percent.