Abrasive Blasting Experts

Abrasive blasting is used to descale, shot peen, etch, de-flash, deburr, clean, and finish parts and products. We offer a wide range of abrasive blasting options for every application.

Empire Air Blast Systems

Buffalo Manufacturing is the leading distributor of Empire abrasive blasting equipment, parts and systems. Empire has been designing and manufacturing abrasive blasting equipment for over 50 years. Today, Empire manufactures the most extensive lines of blasting finishing products in the country.

Batch Processing Machines

Best for long blast cycles, these systems include both continuous and indexing turntable machines. You can vary the blast heads and the table rotation speed to meet your production needs, and choose from blast heads with four, six or nine blast guns.

Continuous Processing Machines

For continuous process, Empire offers turntable and in-line machines which can be customized according to your production needs. The can be manually loaded and unloaded, outfitted with robotic arms, or incorporated an essential part of your production line

Single Piece Flow Cell Machines

Economical and adaptive, these machines take up less space while helping manufacturers curtail inventory requirements.

Rotary Head

Pioneered the Empire over 35 years ago, the rotary blast head prioritizes energy conservation while ensuring complete part coverage (even with irregularly shaped parts), and still manages to exceed the quality of any horizontal-nozzle oscillator. Rotary heads are what make Empire’s in-line conveyor, continuous turntable and batch turntable machines so effective. The head can also be incorporated into two head systems, dual cart systems and custom systems.

Configuration is available in four, six and nine gun arrangements. Head speed can be adjusted between 0 and 60 RPM.


Empire manufactures a full line of portable blasters, ranging from “do-it-yourself” suction blasters up to the SuperBlast® pressure machines, designed to strip structures and large work pieces at high removal rates. The SuperBlast equipment offers a variety of control systems, as well as recovery options for both abrasive and plastic media.

Blast Rooms

  • Floor options include vibratory and screw-type, partial and full, with media-wash and recovery systems.
  • For those without the time, manpower or funds to accommodate field-erected blast rooms, Empire’s packaged blast rooms are the perfect solution. They’re fully welded, available in an array of sizes and customizable based on your needs and work environment. Choose from a range of tested and proven elements and a wide variety of available options and accessories.
  • We can also create a room uniquely tailored to your specifications. Based on your needs, choose from Empire’s multiple advanced components for ventilation, media recovery, reclamation, media delivery and safety equipment. A wide variety of additional options and accessories ensure we can build a room that exceeds your productivity goals while accommodating your work environment.

Blast Cabinets

Pro-Finish® Blast Cabinets

  • Pro-Finish® Blast Cabinets are more environmentally sound and economical and ensure higher quality for operations involving:

    • Chemical cleaning
    • Acid etching or dipping
    • Liquid honing
    • Wire brushing
    • Sanding
    • Deburring
    • Grinding or peening

  • These cabinets are made for production blasting, allowing you to blend surface flaws and remove foreign substances, among other tasks in a long list of capabilities. Complete surface finishing jobs faster and with guaranteed precision just by altering the air pressure and blast media.
  • They’re able to be specified with either suction or pressure blast systems. Available in seven sizes and equipped with standard features proven to lower operating and maintenance costs.

ProFormer® Blast Cabinets

  • ProFormer® Blast Cabinets combine simplicity and efficiency for a compact unit that’s portable and easy to hook up. Not only are all systems strategically packed into one enclosure, only two connections—air and electrical—are required to hook up the unit. Forklift slots at the bottom of the cabinet allow for ease of transportation from station to station.
  • These cabinets are built for production blasting and will allow you to peen or complete any finishing job just by altering the air pressure and blast media. Choose to outfit these units with either suction- or pressure-blast systems and a large array or standard factory options.

Modified Cabinets

Empire offers hundreds of modified cabinets to satisfy specialized surface-treatment assignments. A more economical approach meets your individual work piece and process requirements while reducing lead times. We offer blast-gun oscillation, part movement, programmable controls and many more options—all done at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a fully automated air-blast system.

Automated Systems

  • Capabilities range in sophistication from continuous and indexing turntable machines—with satellite work stations—to in-line units. All can be computer controlled to the degree your process requires. Customers report productivity gains of between 100 and 700 percent.
  • A longtime staple in the manufacturing industry, indexing turntables are excellent for precise positioning and blasting every time for as many times as required. Both manual and robotic unloading options are available. Empire provides both standard platform offerings and systems customized to fit work pieces of any size.
  • In-line blast systems are totally customizable and can be configured in a variety of ways according to your part size, weight, shape and material handling requirements. Systems range from very simple (flat belt, split belts, roller type) to sophisticated (horizontal or vertical pinch belts). Empire also offers multiple ways to manipulate nozzles in the system to meet the precise needs of your application, process and productivity.

Gibson Wheel Blasting Equipment

Wheel blasting is another method of cleaning and preparing surfaces that does not rely on compressed air or other propellants. Instead, blasting media is fed into the center of a rapidly spinning wheel. The wheel creates a centrifugal force, which throws the media at the material, powerfully blasting its surface.

Gibson has been a trusted partner in the wheel blast equipment industry for 18 years, and Buffalo Manufacturing is a proud authorized distributor of Gibson’s equipment.

Pipe Blast Systems

These fully automated machines are built to clean pipe or other long, round material. They’re effective in removing rust and mill scale and priming a surface for coating. We offer a variety of system sizes for pipe up to 42”.

Roller Conveyor Blast Systems

  • This fully-automated system is built to deliver consistent results in a non-stop line of production and is used for blasting heftier pieces at high rates. It can be easily incorporated into an existing production line. When used with another machine, Gibson’s roller conveyor blast systems can become part of a totally automated process that mitigates the high labor costs normally tied to batch-type blasters.
  • Systems come in different blast envelopes and with multiple blast wheels and horsepower.

    • Skew roll (also known as inclined v-shaped rollers)
      • Designed to clean pipe or other long, round material.
    • Billet blast systems
      • Desidgned to descale and derust billet
    • Roller conveyor typical applications
      • Mill scale removal
      • Structural steel
      • Paint preparation
      • Profiling
      • Inspection

  • They’re able to be specified with either suction or pressure blast systems. Available in seven sizes and equipped with standard features proven to lower operating and maintenance costs.

Gibson Monorail Blast System

  • Like the roller conveyor blast system, the monorail blast system Is designed to deliver consistent results during constant production, is used to blast heavier parts at a high volume and can be incorporated into an existing production line. This system can automate your operation, effectively mitigating high labor costs typical of most batch-type blasters.
  • Systems come in different blast envelopes and with multiple blast wheels and horsepower.

Dust Collectors

  • Photohelic gauge
  • Magnehelic gauge
  • HEPA filters
  • After filters
  • Silencers
  • Abrasive resistant inlets
  • Reverse pulse
  • Rotary air locks
  • Explosion vents

Wire Mesh Belt Blasters

If efficiency is a priority, wire mesh belt blasters are a solution. When combined with another machine, wire mesh belt blasters can help automate your operation, effectively cutting high labor costs typically associated with batch-type blasters. They’re able to deliver uniform results while functioning in.a 24-hour system.

Hanger Table Blasters

Designed simplicity and efficiency in mind, hanger table blasting systems are an economical method of batch cleaning materials.

Dual Chamber Spinner Hangers

  • Not every part is the same, so it follows that not all parts can be cleaned the same way, and fragile or irregular parts often need special treatment that can’t be provided by regular methods of automated finishing. Spinner hangers are the perfect solution for batch blasting unconventional or fragile parts and are demonstrated to improve quality and efficiency during cleaning, peening, prepping and finishing.
  • These systems are simple to operate and have an easy installation process, They’re built to deliver consistent results cycle after cycle while working around the clock in a multishift production operation.

Hanger Blast Systems

A more economical solution to batch cleaning, hanger blast system are easy to use, simple to install and, most importantly, efficient in delivering consistent results.

Table blasters

Table blasters are ultra-durable machines equipped to do the heavy lifting. They’re equipped to clean, peen, deburr, profile and finish (among other surface conditioning tasks) for parts up to 10,000 pound and can accommodate up to eight feet in diameter and four feet in height. Gibson’s line of table blasters has eleven standard models, each adaptable to a wide range of part types and sizes.

Air Blast Tumblers

Air blast tumblers are simple to operate and able to efficiently process multiple small and medium parts at a rate that can’t be beat by others at a comparable price. Gibson features air blast tumblers in four standard models that can accommodate loads up to 800 pounds or six cubic feet.

Wheel Blast Tumblers

  • Like air blast tumbles, wheel blast tumblers able to quickly but efficiently process multiple small and medium parts at a level unmatched by competitors. Wheel blast tumblers, however, come in seven standard models with load capacities up to 3,000 pounds or 24 cubic feet.
  • Smaller units contain either wheel or air-blast systems, depending on your needs, and can accommodate a wide array of media. They fit conveniently into cell stations or other productions that work with batch processing.
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