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Buffalo Manufacturing is one of the country’s largest distributors of high-quality mass finishing equipment, offering Hammond-Roto Finish and Rampart mass finishing equipment, dryers, and sound covers:

Hammond-Roto Finish Co. specializes in engineering and manufacturing mass finishing systems, ranging from simple single-machine units to fully integrated multi-machine systems.

  • HR Series

    • A heavy duty, customizable machine with a broad array of standard and special options for a full range of processing possibilities.

  • HR Combo

    • Same structure as the HR series with a second chamber for parts drying, helping to reduce costs and floor space.

  • HR Long Radius

    • Designed for a high range of performance with multiple advantages over the standard HR machines, including a recirculating oil lubrication system which monitors oil return flow and detects line breaks.

  • HR Long Radius Combo

    • Same structure as the HR Long Radius Series machine with a second chamber for parts drying, helping to reduce costs and floor space.

  • HR Spiratron® Flat Bottom

    • Ideal for large component finishing, used for batch processing and loaded and unloaded by piece, by hand. Small parts and part on part are unloaded through the unload plug door.

  • Multi-Pass ®

    • Unique in the mass finishing industry for its dual ability to operate in a continuous operation or as a batch process machine, the Multi-Pass machine also features internal separation to ensure the process media stays inside the process chamber, eliminating the need for messy external separators and media return conveyors.

  • HR Series Accessories

    • The following options range from single add-ons for simple tasks to highly complicated additions to machines to ensure impeccable use every time.
      • Control panels
      • Conveyer systems
      • Lift station
      • eparation options
      • Rinse and prewash options
      • Channel accessories
      • Screen options
      • Flip gate accessories

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