Celebrating our semi-centennial anniversary at Buffalo Manufacturing.


For family-owned businesses, longevity can often be the enemy. As a little bit of luck – and a whole lot of hard work – would have it, Buffalo Manufacturing has withstood the test of time.

50 Years of …

This milestone wouldn’t be possible without our past.
Here is a look at Buffalo Manufacturing history from the very beginning.


Leroy Hacker founded “Hacker VacuBlast,” soon to be named Metal Preparations.
The business specialized in mainly selling abrasive blasting equipment.


After a fire destroyed the facility in North Buffalo, Metal Preparations was forced to relocate to Riverside. This move proved to be a blessing in disguise, as the larger space gave the business the opportunity to grow the job shop and bring more service work in.


In the mid-80s, Metal Preparations signed a contract with a Large Auto Parts Manufacturer in Rochester, opening a facility in Rochester which grew to nearly 200 employees.


When the Auto Parts Manufacturer filed for bankruptcy, Metal Preparations was forced to forge on and took a different approach. After buying the assets of a plastics injection molding company, Metal Preparations started a subdivision called Engineered Products, producing plastic injection molding products.


With the added experience and ability to produce plastic injection molding products, Metal Preparations / Engineered Products was renamed to Buffalo Manufacturing. Today, the business specializes in metal preparations and finishing along with plastic injection molding, in-house mold making and cnc machining for a “full service” approach to manufacturing. The company recently became AS-9100D certified and continues to strive towards getting additional quality certifications.

To the Next 50 Years!

The ability to adapt to modern technology and willingness to look to the future gives us confidence that we will withstand another 50+ years in business.

“We can offer the customer not only a plastic part, but we can offer them the machining that would have to go into that part – start to finish.”

Buffalo Manufacturing CEO, Jeff Georger

“We’re in a unique situation in that we have the ability to move in many directions, and that allows us to provide a full range service to our customers.”

Buffalo Manufacturing President, Brian Georger