Buffalo Manufacturing offers a full line of parts-washing systems including spray washing, ultrasonic, mechanical agitation, and zero-discharge systems. We also distribute recyclers, evaporators, waste liquid reducers, and water reclamation systems.

Industrial Cleaning and Finishing Experts

Through its Chemical and Waste Reduction Division, Buffalo Manufacturing diligently researches new technologies for metal surface preparation and examines alternative methods for simplifying the cleaning process. This research ensures that we provide our customers with state-of-the-art, innovative products and services.

Buffalo Manufacturing is a proud distributor of Jenfab’s line of industrial cleaning products. Jenfab is widely recognized as the number one name in parts washing.

Heavy Duty and Light Industrial Washers and Oil Skimmers

Cabinet Washers

Think of cabinet washers like industrial dishwashers. Parts are loaded into the cabinet on a rotating turntable and treated with heated solution from all angles via v-jet nozzles. Cabinet washers differ from dishwashers because they reheat, filter and reuse the cleaning solution.

Jenfab offers five unique types of cabinet washers to ensure you find a machine that fits the needs of your operation. Choose from their Precision Series, F-Series, Heavy Duty Series, Vertical Lift Door or Top Load Cleaning Series.

  • PCS Front Load Cleaning Systems:
    • The PCS is known in the industry for its precision and reliability. Jenfab offers over 17 standard models and can also accommodate custom unit designs with weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds and turntable diameters up to 120”.
  • Gemini Front Loading Systems:
    • The Gemini line of parts washing systems promises heavy duty capabilities at an unbeatable price point. Jenfab offers seven standard models and units with turntables up to 42” in diameter and weight capacities up to 1,500 pounds.
  • TL Top Load Cleaning Systems:
    • Jenfab’s Top Load (TL) line of equipment maximizes productivity and adds value to installations confined to smaller spaces. Turntables range in size from 21″ to 72″ for standard models, and up to 120” on custom systems.
  • Vertical Door Washers:
    • Jenfab’s Vertical Door Washers maximize efficiency in tight spaces. They can be manufactured in any size ranging from 25″ to 120″ with a turntable or can be made for use without a turntable—the latter of which is best for a one-piece production flow with high volumes.
  • Heavy Duty Washers:
    • These systems have stood the test of time and durability. With premium components and heavy weight 7GA. steel construction, they provide both precision cleaning and long-term reliability. They’re available in 12 standard models with turntable diameters up to 144” and weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds. They’re also able to incorporate multi-stage cleaning cycles to meet your operation’s demands.
  • Pass Through Washers
    • Perfect for high-volume operations and designed with modern factory demands in mind, Jenfab’s Modular Conveyorized Cleaning System (MCCS) pass-through washer fits easily into any existing line of production. The MCCS comes in six standard machine platforms and can accommodate any combination of washing, rinsing, passivating, applying iron phosphate, apply rust preventive and drying.
  • Incline Cleaning Systems:
    • Ideal for small-parts cleaning, Jenfab’s Incline Cleaning Systems integrates spray under immersion and jet-spray wash. This system is compact compared to others, allowing you to maximize valuable floor space.
Custom and Precision Systems

Jenfab’s custom and precision cleaning systems solutions accommodate low to high volume batches of small, medium or large parts, and service industries ranging from aerospace and bio-medical to finishing and metal fabricating.

Buffalo Manufacturing distributes models of Jenfab’s Lean Clean Rotary Basket Washers, Belt Washers, Vertical Agitation Washers, Vertical Chain Conveyor Washers, Drum Washers and Monorail Washers.

  • Lean Clean Rotary Basket Washers:
    • Jenfab’s Lean Clean 360 series of rotary basket washers combines both immersion with spray cleaning with contemporary ultrasonics to satisfy industrial parts washing requirements and meticulous critical cleaning and precision cleaning specifications.
  • Belt Washers:
    • Jenfab’s standard model offerings of belt conveyor spray washers are sized to satisfy just about every spray cleaning operation. Jenfab also offers custom design features to tailor the specifications to your exact needs.
  • Vertical Agitation Washers:
    • As the very first in the industry to design and build vertical agitation washers, Jenfab’s models are the best in class. They’re perfect for both in-line and standalone cleaning. They function by dipping or rotating parts in various cleaning solutions and using one or more aqueous cleaning and rinse tanks. Ultrasonic options are available for precision cleaning needs.
  • Vertical Chain Conveyor Washers:
    • Best for one piece, in-line parts washing, these systems combine both spray washing and agitated immersion cleaning with parts drying in a compact footprint. They’re best for lean manufacturing cellular part cleaning operations.
  • Drum Washers:
    • Ideal for either batch-fed or in-line washing operations, Jenfab’s rotary drum parts washer maximizes efficiency because it allows for high-volume processing at a low cost. It’s proven to save 30 to 50% more floor space than other models.
  • Monorail Washers:
    • Jenfab manufactures a variety of monorail industrial parts washers and metal finishing equipment, including machines for pre-treatment, phosphate and ultrasonic cleaning. These systems are ideal for large parts or multiple small parts.
  • Dunnage Washers:
    • Jenfab’s Dunnage Washer machines use environmentally safe aqueous solutions to clean tote pans, pallets, dunnage trays, and shipping containers of all oils, chips, and dirt. Standard machines are offered with various cycles including wash, rinse, blow-off or dry. High-powered pumps achieve totally pristine end results by cleaning every exposed surface with a forceful spray.
Oil Skimmers

Abanaki manufactures oil skimmers for all applications. Their oil skimmers have a reputation for being rugged, reliable, low maintenance and, depending on the needs and size of your operation, can remove anywhere from one to 200 hundred gallons per hour.

Buffalo Manufacturing is an authorized distributor of Abanaki’s full line of oil skimmers, including:

  • The portable Tote-It®
    • Tote-It is just as dependable and effective at removing oil from water as some of its stationary counterparts, but it requires only a simple, one-time assembly to be used in any application where 115 VAC, 60 Hz power is available. It’s particularly well-equipped for parts washing and machine center applications.
  • Mighty Mini M
    • The Mighty Mini is a compact piece of equipment that lives up to its name. Weighing only eight pounds and small enough to fit through the bung hole of a 55 gallon drum, it’s equipped to remove one to two gallons of medium weight oil per hour. Its small size and simple installation process make transporting it from job to job hassle free.
  • Grease Grabber
    • The Grease Grabber is specially designed to skim oil and floating grease from water under the toughest, most critical circumstances. It can handle high volumes and is equipped to remove up to 160 gallons of grease per hour while elevating skimmed grease for easy discharge into drums. In doing so, this machine also mitigates fluid disposal costs.
  • Oil Concentrator™
    • When used with an oil skimmer, the non-electrical Oil Concentrator provides the final phase of separation, completely stripping water or coolant from oil so that the former can be recycled and the latter disposed. It’s a cost-effective addition to oil skimmers you’re already using, as it prevents you from disposing expensive coolants and washing solutions that are perfectly fine for reuse.
    • It comes in three sizes and can be easily mounted on all Abanaki skimmers.