Buffalo Manufacturing takes business seriously.

We are proud to be both ISO9001 and AS9100 Revision D certified. ISO9001 is a quality management system that includes a third-party audit of a company’s sites, functions, products, services, and processes. AS9100 Rev D is a quality management system that focuses on the aerospace industry. Buffalo Manufacturing applied for and has maintained these certifications so there is no doubt in our customers’ minds that we are doing business properly. We are in the process of pursuing certification from NADCAP as well.

Buffalo Manufacturing also has internal standards to guarantee quality. We have a quality manager who conducts internal audits, organizes employee training, and runs on-time delivery reports. Here at Buffalo Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on turning a quote around in one week, that is to say, when we receive a drawing or file from a customer, we most often return a quote in one week. We are meticulous about on-time delivery, and we know that customer communication is key to any working relationship.

We don’t work to merely meet expectations; we strive to exceed them.