Media, Compound,

& Abrasives

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Our vast selection of media enables proper matching of media composition and size to accommodate various industrial finishing requirements. Achieving the right finish requires the right media.

Mass Finishing

  • Ceramic Media
    • High density media best for grinding and polishing hard metals (Steel, stainless steel, titanium).
  • Plastic Media
    • Best for finishing softer metals (aluminum, brass, zinc).
  • Tumbling Media
    • Featuring a variety of options, tumbling media is used in the barrel and vibratory finishing process.
  • Steel and Stainless Steel Media
    • Known for its strength, steel and stainless steel media is used primarily to deburr steel surfaces or burnish and polish stainless steel.
  • Aqueous Cleaners
    • More environmentally-friendly, water-based cleaners that require heat, friction and soap action to dissolve unwanted matter.
  • Solvent and Semi-Aqueous Cleaners
    • Contain chemical compounds that are very effective at quickly breaking down oil, grease and grime.
  • Semi-Aqueous Emulsion Cleaners
    • Great for removing heavy deposits on surfaces, such as carbon, grease, oil or tar.
  • Rust Inhibitors
    • Protects metal surfaces from becoming rusty over time.
  • Strippers
    • Used to remove paint and other coating from the surface of metals.

Precision Media

We have some of the finest small media available, mostly ceramic porcelain based. These materials are useful in deburring and finishing small parts in high energy barrel equipment.


  • Wood Pegs
    • Chosen for near flawless performance in dry tumbling and ideal for plastic parts.
  • Treated Walnut Shell
    • Ideal for dry tumbling, environmentally-friendly and reusable.
  • Corn Cob Compounds (Liquid/Powder)
    • Added to existing corn cob media to prolong its longevity.
  • Burnishing Compounds
    • Developed to add desired color or shine to certain metals.
  • Liquid Acidic Burnishing Compounds
    • Used to achieve a bright and lustrous finish.
  • Roto-Brite Compounds
    • Used in non-ferrous metals to provide a bright, lightly colored finish to surfaces.
  • Liquid and Dry Alkaline Burnishing Compounds
    • Used to achieve a deep shine on certain metals.
  • Deburring Compounds
    • Used for ferrous and nonferrous metals in the vibratory and tumble finishing processes.
  • Inhibitors
    • Prevent corrosion of surfaces over time.
  • Special Compounds
  • Non-Chelating Compounds
  • Spray Wash Chemicals
    • Remove unwanted matter such as machining lubricants, oils, dirt, polishing compounds and grease.
  • Cleaning Compounds
    • Remove stubborn, unwanted material from surfaces to get the most out of the finishing process.