Repair Service and

Spare Parts

With over 60 years of combined experience, we think we can humbly consider ourselves experts in metal preparations and finishing (among other things). We’re grateful to be trusted resources for our partners in the Buffalo community and beyond, and pride ourselves on our integrated, “full service” approach to manufacturing—an industry with which industry we’ve grown, adapted and even helped pioneer aspects of over the past 50 years.

As partners and experts on your unique operational needs, we offer a large selection of spare parts to ensure there’s never anything missing from your production line. We carry both Empire and Roto spare parts, always stocked in our warehouse for immediate delivery.

  • Blast Nozzles And Couplings
  • Blast Hose
  • Blast Hoods, Co Monitors And Safety Gear
  • Wheel Blast Cast Liners, Blades, Impellers, Cages
  • Replacement Blast Cabinet Windows
  • Dust Collector Bags And Cartridges
  • Compound Metering Pumps
  • Sound Covers

Price Freeze On Empire Parts for Dec 2021!

Buffalo Manufacturing be absorbing a manufacturer price increase – upwards of 15 to 20% – for the Month of December while maintaining current pricing on our complete stock of Empire spare parts. Get your equipment and production line ready for peak performance in the New Year and save money!