Who We Are

Buffalo Manufacturing is your trusted expert at metal finishing, plastic injection molding, and equipment sales. With over 50 years of experience, we will partner with you to choose the right process for your parts. We offer fast turnaround times, prompt and attentive service, and we are happy to work with a variety of run sizes and part sizes. Not only are we your partners, but we’re also your manufacturing resource, and we’re with you from start to finish.

Our History

In 1968, Buffalo was a thriving industrial city with a need for expert, accurate, reliable metal finishing services. The metal Preparations business was created out of this need and for 50 years partnered with customers big and small to become a leading resource in metal finishing.

As the industry evolved, so did the needs of manufacturers. Metal Preparations developed a plastics department, specializing in plastic component consultation and injection molding services. Focusing on the needs of companies looking to get a new product off the ground and being a reliable partner from start to finish, Metal Preparations was committed to perfection in both their metal finishing department and their plastics department.

In 2016, as manufacturing was on the cusp of another revolution, Metal Preparations became Buffalo Manufacturing. Our expertise in metal finishing allows us to aid you in plastics and manufacturing as well. We always aim to craft valuable relationships with each and every customer, maintaining a partnership that sees us through each project and onto the next.

Buffalo Manufacturing Today

We officially became Buffalo Manufacturing in 2016.

We now have a growing staff of 20-25 people.

Why Choose Us?

At Buffalo Manufacturing, our goal is always to help. We strive to work with our customers, maintain relationships, and receive feedback. We are always happy to modify orders and cultivate creative solutions in order to meet our customers’ expectations and budgets.

Customer Commitment

Our commitment is always first and foremost to our customers. We are dedicated to creating and fostering relationships with each and every client and always seek to maintain open lines of communication. At Buffalo Manufacturing, we are always happy to take your calls and answer your questions regardless of business hours. We strive to evaluate each individual customer’s specific needs and work towards solutions immediately that are tailored for them. In addition to our customer-focused approach, we are always looking to provide our clients with the highest quality at the best price. We look forward to providing solutions and materials that fit both your needs and your price point.

Buffalo Manufacturing Team

Jeffrey Georger

Jeffrey Georger


Brian Georger

Brian Georger


Sara Hiltz

Sara Hiltz

Quality Assurance Manager

Jamie Velarde

Jamie Velarde

Customer Service