Single Piece

Flow Cell Machines

Buffalo Manufacturing is a leading distributer of Empire’s single-station cell machines. These cell machines reduce inventory requirements and conserve floor space, giving many customers the winning edge in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

SPF 2424 System

•Cabinet Sizing: 24″ Deep x 24″ Wide x 30″ High
•Blast Guns: 3 MH-3
•Powers Part Rotation (3 to 30 RPM)
•Great Buy for Simple Air-Blast Automation

Empire’s Single Piece Flow 2424 Model delivers the repeatability of automated air blasting, but in a simpler design and at a lower price – all without compromising on essentials such as media reclamation and dust collection.

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SPF 3830 System

•Cabinet Sizing: Rugged 38″ Deep x 30″ Wide x 65″ High
•Blast Guns: 4 MH-2 Suction
•Powers Part Rotation (3 to 30 RPM)
•Oscillates 4 Blast Guns up to 24”
•Automates Air Blasting Economically

Empire’s new SPF 3830 System lets users enjoy the benefits of automated airblasting at an attractive price. With its roomy enclosure, adjustable blast envelope and multiple processing controls, the SPF 3830 outperforms manual air-blasting in many applications requiring consistent, repeatable results. The multi-tasking SPF 3830 often processes a variety of parts within a single production facility, making it ideal for companies with short runs on many parts. System can be upgraded with many standard factory options designed to meet your specific productions needs.

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