About Us

In 1968, Buffalo was a thriving industrial city with a need for expert, accurate, reliable metal finishing services. Metal Preparations was created out of this need, and for 50 years they partnered with customers big and small to become a leading resource in metal finishing.

As industry evolved, so did the needs of manufacturers. Metal Preparations developed a plastics department, specializing in plastic component design and injection molding services. Focusing on the needs of companies looking to get a new product off the ground and being a reliable partner from start to finish, Metal Preparations was committed to perfection in both their metal finishing department and their plastics department.

In 2016, as manufacturing is on the cusp of another revolution, Metal Preparations became Buffalo Manufacturing. Because we’re experts at metal finishing, and we’re your partners in plastics, but we’re more than that. We’re your manufacturing resource. We’re Buffalo Manufacturing, and we’re with you from start to finish.

Buffalo Manufacturing Employee List
Jeffrey Georger: CEO, Email Jeff
Brian Georger: President, Email Brian
Jim Kessler: Sales – Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton Areas, Email Jim
Kyle Wheeler: Sales – Buffalo Area, Email Kyle
Sara Hiltz: Quality Assurance Manager, Email Sara
Kim Bunce: Purchasing/ Customer Service Coordinator, Email Kim

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