Air Blast Automation Systems

Air blast automation systems are becoming the norm for many manufacturers and facilities looking to stay competitive in their industry while reducing costs and production time. Businesses of all sizes are seeing the benefits of automation technology in their production workflow. At Buffalo Manufacturing, we are proud to partner with Empire Abrasive Equipment to offer our customers top-of-the-line air blast automation equipment for every application.

5 Ways Air Blast Automation Systems Improve the Manufacturing Process

1. Reduced Employee Cost/ Employee Error

Air blast automation systems are just that, automated. That means they require minimal operator involvement and oversight in order to function. With air blast automation systems, business owners no longer need to dedicate resources to staffing trained machine operators to complete the air blasting process.

Another positive aspect of automated systems is the reduction of human error in the air blasting process. With automated air blasting systems, specific instructions are given to the machine on how to accomplish a specific task. The machine is able to carry out and replicate the air blasting process with strict controls in place to ensure no errors are made and the outcome is the same every time.

2. Easy Production Workflow Integration

Air blast automation systems can be easily integrated into existing production workflows. Because production workflows are clearly divided by specific steps, air blast automation systems can physically replace an entire air blasting step on the production floor. Where a dedicated operator would be required for a manual air blasting process, an automated air blasting system requires minimal operator supervision, allowing businesses to redistribute employees to other vital areas of the production line.

3. Decreased Production Time

With any automated system, the time it takes to complete a process step is reduced and is continually consistent. Air blast automation systems can increase your production process efficiency by eliminating machine downtime and human operation errors or inconsistencies. By decreasing production time, throughput can be increased and the number of products you are able to create will increase.

4. Lower Production Costs

Air blast automation systems may be a larger financial investment upfront, but they will reduce product costs in the long run. Automated air blast systems reduce the amount of resources, like energy, compressed air, media, and over-blasting, needed to complete the air blasting process. Automated systems also reduce the need for increased employees and operators required to complete the air blasting process, allowing companies to free up their budget for other area needs.

5. Consistent Product Quality

Consistent product quality and repeatability in the production process are major concerns for manufacturers. With air blast automation systems, manufacturers can be sure the air blasting process will yield the same results. Automated systems will meet the product specifications for the air blasting process, every time. Using an air blast automated system allows operators to control the entire process, eliminating errors or defects to increase quality assurance to customers.

8 Air Blast Automation Systems Options

Buffalo Manufacturing is an authorized dealer for Empire Abrasive Equipment products and we offer our customers various air blast automation systems for a variety of applications. We offer support on all air blast automation systems purchased through us. We also provide maintenance training on your specific system and will inspect it to ensure it is installed correctly in your facility.

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